Explore Two Decades of Milestones

While Microsoft launches Windows 95, Shawn Nelson builds the original eight-foot-wide foam-filled “Lovesac” in the basement of his parents’ Utah home. History is made.

Montell Jordan releases "This Is How We Do It."
It's official
Shawn Nelson turns his passion into a company and calls it Lovesac, after the original nylon sac he built in 1995.
Lindsay Lohan melts hearts with her performance in The Parent Trap.
A bromance is born
Shawn strikes up a friendship with Dave Underwood his neighbor at University of Utah. The dude next door would ultimately become Shawn's business partner and right hand man.
Destiny’s Child splits. Queen B goes solo.
12,000 Sacs and Counting

Lovesac fulfills its largest order, for a national teen clothing retailer—12,000 fuzzy, glittery Sacs. Tweens everywhere rejoice.

2001: Apple launches the iPod.
thank you, thank you very much
Stores begin opening at a fast pace. An Elvis impersonator in a homemade, bejeweled jumpsuit stays up all night anticipating a Lovesac store opening in Milwaukee. (Yes, this really happened.)
Michael Jackson dangles son Prince from the balcony of a Berlin hotel.
The Lovesac Limo
Shawn is tasked with designing a Lovesac limo for a Las Vegas limousine company. The limo is gold, shimmery, and awesome. It is ultimately stolen by a competitor of the limo company and sold for parts.
50 Cent's "In Da Club" becomes a Billboard #1 song.
Shawn Wins Rebel Billionaire
Shawn competes on Richard Branson’s Rebel Billionaire and wins $1,000,000. His wife, Tiffany, surprises him on the season finale to celebrate the big win.
"Wardrobe Malfunction" is the topic of discussion after the Super Bowl halftime show.
Sacs Take Silicon Valley

Sacs gain popularity in the offices and homes of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. By 2005 the world’s brightest minds were putting their butts on Lovesac products.

Facebook is kind of a big deal. Brad leaves Jennifer for Angelina.
A Couch Revolution
Shawn and Dave launch the next generation of couches, endlessly reconfigurable, machine-washable, Sactionals. “Hardcore lounging” becomes a thing.
Google purchases Youtube.
Lovesac Goes to the Movies

Lovesac takes over movie theaters with front-row Moviesacs and Sactional seats. Suddenly first row becomes the best row.

The first of the epic Twilight movies is released.
Nice Ink
Lovesac starts creating seasonal lines, beginning with the Tattoo Collection.
Google invents Google Glass.
Lovesac is Unstoppable
Lovesac is named the fastest growing furniture company by Furniture Today.
Everyone’s doing the Harlem Shake.
59 Stores
By December, Lovesac has 59 company-owned retail stores nationwide.
Kimye ties the knot.
Lovesac Turns 20
Lovesac celebrates its biggest birthday yet with the launch of the limited edition Roots Collection.
Jurassic World makes $500 million in a single weekend.
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